Hank Hill

Hank Hill

Conception & Production:

Hank Hill, the central figure in the animated sitcom “King of the Hill,” is the brainchild of Mike Judge. Before becoming the iconic Texan we know today, Hank’s character roots can be traced back to an earlier Mike Judge creation, a character named “Tom Anderson” from “Beavis and Butt-Head.” Both share a similar voice and demeanor.

Mike Judge himself grew up in Texas, and his own experiences provided the foundation for many of Hank’s traits, beliefs, and attitudes. Partnered with Greg Daniels, known for his work on “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation,” the duo developed the show, with Hank Hill at its center.

Character Details:

  • Profession: Hank is proud of his job as the assistant manager at Strickland Propane, where he sells “propane and propane accessories.” His commitment to propane as a clean-burning fuel borders on the obsessive. He often contrasts it with other forms of grilling, particularly charcoal, which he disdains.
  • Family: Hank is married to Peggy Hill, a schoolteacher with a notably inflated sense of her own abilities, especially her Spanish fluency. Their only child, Bobby, is a kind-hearted boy whose interests often diverge from Hank’s more traditional views on masculinity, leading to the series’ central father-son dynamic.
  • Personal Values: Hank embodies the traditional, conservative values of the American South. He is a staunch believer in hard work, honesty, and integrity. Hank’s moral code often places him at odds with more liberal or unconventional viewpoints, but he usually tries to do right by everyone, even if he doesn’t always understand them.
  • Friendships: Hank’s closest friends are Dale Gribble (a conspiracy-theorist exterminator), Bill Dauterive (a divorced Army barber with low self-esteem), and Jeff Boomhauer (a ladies’ man with a nearly indecipherable fast-paced Southern drawl). The group often congregates in the alley beside Hank’s house, drinking beer and discussing the happenings in their lives.
  • Challenges: Hank frequently grapples with modern challenges to his traditional beliefs. Whether it’s understanding his son’s lack of interest in typical “manly” activities or navigating the complexities of his marriage, Hank’s struggles are genuine and relatable.

Voice Acting:

Mike Judge not only co-created Hank Hill but also voiced him, bringing a depth and authenticity to the character. Hank’s voice, mannerisms, and even his frequent exclamation of “Bwah!” are all hallmarks of Judge’s performance.


Hank Hill stands as one of the most enduring characters in animated television. While he’s often the butt of the joke for his old-fashioned ways, he’s also deeply human. The series never shies away from portraying Hank’s vulnerabilities, making him a multi-dimensional character beloved by many.

Hank Hill is more than just an animated character; he’s a lens through which viewers can explore the complexities of American suburban life, traditional values, and the challenges posed by an ever-evolving modern world. Through all its humor and satire, “King of the Hill” always treats Hank with a deep respect, making him a cultural icon in the world of animation.

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