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Hulk Hogan’s Creative Control: Power Plays in WWF and

Hulk Hogan, christened “The Immortal,” stood at the helm of professional wrestling’s Golden Age. Beyond his captivating ring presence, charisma,

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Lex Luger in the WWF: What Went Wrong?

An Unexpected Journey Lex Luger, with his Herculean physique and magnetic charisma, was a mainstay in the world of professional

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The Diesel Push: WWF’s Ace in the Hole

Diesel’s Huge WWF Push in 1994 The “Diesel Push” in the WWF (World Wrestling Federation, now WWE) refers to the

Articles Pro Wrestling

The Jerry Lawler Controversy – why he was absent

In 1993, Jerry “The King” Lawler was notably absent from the Survivor Series event due to a very different kind

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