Percy Jackson Episode 4, “I Plunge To My Death” Review

More Gods. More monsters. More lore. More heart. Things are heating up in Percy Jackson on Episode 4, “I Plunge To My Death.”

Annabeth, Grover, and Percy//credit: Disney+

So far, Percy Jackson has done a good job balancing the Monster of the Week format with worldbuilding and character development. It’s no easy feat, as tipping too far in one direction results in unwieldy exposition that derails momentum and plot while the other results in a no-stakes supernatural procedural. Getting the balance right produces real magic, though, that makes you fall in love with characters and the world they inhabit and hungry for more.

“I Plunge To My Death” finds that Golden Ratio, deepening the relationship between the three leads by revealing some of their backstories while delivering some truly killer action with some truly nasty baddies at the same time. If you weren’t already hooked, you will be after Percy Jackson Episode 4, “I Plunge To My Death.”

Keep reading for a plot synopsis and spoilerific review.

At the Temple of Athena//Credit: Disney+

Percy Jackson Episode 4, “I Plunge To My Death” Review

Percy Jackson Episode 4, “I Plunge To My Death” begins with our core trio – Percy Jackson (Walker Skobell), Annabeth Chase (Leah Sava Jeffries), and Grover Underwood (Aryan Samhadri) – on a train ride to Los Angeles, after a brief flashback sequence with Percy and his mother taking swimming lessons. The showrunners take this opportunity to explain a bit more about how the world of Percy Jackson works, beginning with Annabeth’s origin story.

Annabeth is a daughter of Athena, as was revealed in an earlier episode. Athena’s children aren’t born like mortal children, as there’s no childbirth involved. Instead, like Athena herself, they begin as a thought, blending their father’s genetics with her own in her imagination and then springing to life, fully-formed. These children are then gifted to the fathers. This was all well and fine until Annabeth’s father met a mortal woman and started a new family. The repercussions caused Annabeth to run away from home, leading to her being brought to Camp Half-Blood.

Meanwhile, the trio spy a group of wild Centaurs racing across a wide-open plane. Percy asks why there aren’t more, at which point Grover reveals that the God Pan has been missing for millennia. Most satyrs that go on Hero’s Quests go searching for Pan, which he hopes to join.

Immediately following this revelation, a train conductor tells them their private car has been vandalized. A woman overhears and engages the trio, at which point it is revealed she’s the Mother of Monsters, Echidna. She’s got one of her youngest offspring in a backpack, which we’ll meet soon enough.

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover make a break from the train in St. Louis, where Annabeth says there’s a Temple to Athena where they’ll be safe from monsters, including their mother. This turns out to be the St. Louis Arch. Their immunity turns out to be sadly overstated, unfortunately, leading Annabeth to believe she’s offended her mother by sending Medusa’s head back to Olympus in Episode 3. 

This all culminates with an epic showdown with one of Echidna’s most fearsome children – Chimera. Percy bravely attempts to sacrifice himself, believing the other two have a better chance of reaching Hades. As he’s plummeting to his doom, he is saved by a water spout, revealing his father, Poseidon, might not be as distant and disappointed as he thought.

Final Thoughts on Percy Jackson Episode 4, “I Plunge To My Death

Percy Jackson Episode 4, “I Plunge To My Death” is proving to be a divisive episode. Some think it’s the strongest episode of the season so far, a truly nail-biting cliffhanger. Others think it was too heavy on the infodumps and that Echidna was a disappointment after last week’s Monster of the Week, Medusa. Personally, i found it gripping, between some strong performances from the leads, especially Jeffries. At this point, I’m all in. I can’t wait to see what happens in Episode 5!

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